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Police Officers Indicted in Gambling Case Believed Tied to Poker Pro

Federal prosecutors are accusing a current Wichita police officer and a former officer of obstruction of justice for their roles in identifying a suspected undercover officer who was investigating illegal gambling.

How Does Bitcoin Compare With Other Markets

The market cap is recording very stunning information each day. Those who are dealing with any form of cryptocurrency can tell you how volatile the market is.

NFL Conference Championships: Sportsbooks Can Protect Their Profit

This weekend is the NFL Conference Championships. All sportsbooks should see a lot of action this weekend. Protect your profit with these tips.

Online Bookie Tips: Never Underestimate The Value of Your Bettors

Online bookies agents who manage their pro and casual players properly will effectively make more profit. Get the best way to manage and encourage action.

China Announces Clampdown, Companies Deny Having Bitcoin, Blockchain Services

China Announces Clampdown And Companies Deny Having Bitcoin, Blockchain Services. There is a question about Initial Miner Offerings (IMO). This question goes to Xunlei.

2018 XL Blizzard Poker Series Schedule Unveiled

888 Poker has released details of its 34-event XL Blizzard series

Cryptocurrency Derivative Platform Likely To Come To BCH

A new forked cryptocurrency counterparty protocol would be on its way to the market. The announcement about this forked protocol was announced late last week. 

Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies See Rise Late Wednesday After Rough 48 Hours

The price of Bitcoin added some $1,400 over the course of less than half a day on the biggest U.S.-based exchange, Coinbase.  At one point over the past 48 hours, the cryptocurrency shed approximately 50% off its high of nearly $20,000.

Ethereum Network Congestion Forces Exchanges to Halt Withdrawals

Scaling problems that have been sporadically affecting the Ethereum network reappeared on Wednesday in the midst of a second day of price plunging.

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Hertha Berlin v Borussia Dortmund Betting Tips, Latest Odds - 19 January

Gambling911 has your Hertha Berlin v Borussia Dortmund betting odds.

Football Odds 19 January - English Championship, German Bundesliga, Spanish Primera More has your European Football betting odds for Friday.

Pay Per Head Tips: The Early Preview For The 2018 Kentucky Derby

Pay Per Head Tips: The Early Preview For The 2018 Kentucky Derby

The 2018 Kentucky Derby should already start seeing action in online bookies agents sportsbooks. Find out what agents can do to prep for race track action.

Today's eSports Betting Odds January 18 - Galaxy Battles Forging Ahead Despite Conflict has your eSports betting action for Thursday, including for Galaxy Battles, which has come under literal fire in recent weeks.

76ers vs. Celtics Betting Odds January 18

The 76ers vs. Celtics betting odds for Thursday night's NBA game on TNT featured an overnight line of Boston -6.

Getafe v Athletic Bilbao Betting Tips, Latest Odds - 19 January has your Getafe v Athletic Bilbao betting odds and some important tips.