Tips and Tools For Online Bookies To Win Big During the NBA Season

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The NBA Season is here. It’s important for online bookies to shift their thinking in the NBA Season. There are several things bookmakers can do to win big during the NBA Season.

How to Manage NBA Season Future Bets

Check out the latest 2018 NBA Championship Odds:

Golden State                           -160

Cleveland Cavaliers                 +350

Boston Celtics                                    +800

Oklahoma City Thunder         +1200

San Antonio Spurs                  +1200

Houston Rockets                    +1600

The above odds imply that Golden State is a huge favorite. As of Nov. 14, Houston offers decent odds based on their current record.

The Rockets are 11 and 4 straight up. Boston has won 13 straight. Their odds should naturally float down.

Here are the tools to manage NBA Championship future bets.

Mass editing tool – Set max betting limits on all NBA Championship futures via the mass editing tool. Pay per head agents can stagger max betting limits:  Golden State $300, Cleveland $200, Boston $200, OKC $100, etc.

Schedule limit override – Agents can take NBA Championship futures off the board from Friday to Monday morning. Don’t allow players to take advantage of future bet odds over the weekend.

How to Manage NBA Season Spread Betting

Use the following tools to manage NBA Season spread betting.

Layoff account – Every team in the NBA plays 82 regular season games. Don’t always use the layoff account. Use it when necessary. A good rule of thumb for per head agents is to use the layoff account in most instances. Don’t use the layoff account on NBA games where the agent has a big opinion.

Schedule limit override – Set overrides on certain NBA games. Use the overrides to spread action among different NBA games. It’s never a good idea to become action overloaded on a single sporting event. This is especially true for NBA betting where every team plays 82 games.

Line mover – Move all whole NBA betting lines a half a point. Always lock in the half a point. Adding or subtracting a half a point prevents refunds. That’s a huge advantage that online bookie agents have over other bookies.

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Basketball Odds News

FSU Win Against Gonzaga - Sweet 16 Payout Odds

FSU Win Against Gonzaga - Sweet 16 Payout Odds

Florida State became the second team to knock out a number one in Xavier.  They would pay $22.50 for every $10 bet with an outright win on the money line.

Kansas State Win Against Kentucky - Sweet 16 Payout Odds

Kansas State would pay out $21.70 for every $10 bet.  They are a +5.5 underdog on the spread against Kentucky.

Texas A&M Win Against Michigan - Sweet 16 Payout Odds

Texas A&M Win Against Michigan - Sweet 16 Payout Odds

Texas A&M will pay out $13.20 for every $10 bet with a win over Michigan Thursday night.

Can Clemson Win Against Kansas - Sweet 16 Payout Odds

Can Clemson Win Against Kansas - Sweet 16 Payout Odds

A win by Clemson against Kansas would pay out just shy of $20 for every $10 bet on the money line this Sweet 16.

Texas Tech vs. Purdue Betting Line, Latest Odds

Texas Tech vs. Purdue Betting Line, Latest Odds

Purdue was coming in as a -2 favorite versus Texas Tech