Online Poker Room Accepts Cryptocurrency Verge

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Now accepting some 60 different types of cryptocurrencies, Americas Cardroom has begun to heavily promote Verge.

Now accepting most forms of crypto-currencies

"Not only is Verge is one of the most profitable cryptos on the market right now, there is the option to perform your transactions on stealth mode, which is close to the way that Monero works," a spokesperson for the company advised. 

"You have the option to use the stealth mode if that is your choosing via their Wraith Protocol. Apart from that, given the kind of network they use transactions are quite fast and the fees are extremely low."

Created in 2014 under the name DogeCoinDark, it was rebranded to Verge Currency last year and jumped 800 per cent in value in December alone.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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