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60 Minutes to Air Absolute Poker Insider Cheating Story Sunday

It's finally here.  The much anticipated 60 Minutes segment on insider cheating and online poker.  At the center of the investigation, AbsolutePoker.comSubmitted by C Costigan on, Nov/26/2008

BetonSports Boss Wife Sits Down With Gambling911

Holly Kaplan is angry.  The wife of BetonSports founder, Gary Kaplan, is growing impatient with the US justice system.  It's been nearly two years since her husband was incarcerated and to date t

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Nov/25/2008

PartyGaming Profits Continue to Decline

As world economies continue to slide downward, the trend has carried over into the finances of online poker companies as well.

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/25/2008

Gambling Regulations Win Out but Game Not Over

Congressional deliberations on the sinking economy and corporate bailouts have overshadowed some recent positive financial news.

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/25/2008

The Prospect of Legalized Internet Gambling Hits Las Vegas

Casino companies may be commiserating over their earnings troubles, but they are squabbling like extended family at Thanksgiving dinner over the prospect of legalized Internet gambling.

After more than a decade of hit-and-miss efforts by individual casino companies and interest groups to develop lobbying strategies, the American Gaming Association - the industry's premier trade group - is rushing to clarify its position on Internet betting.

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/25/2008

10 to Life for Woman in Professional Poker Player Slaying

A woman has been sentenced to 10 years to life in prison for stabbing her husband-a professional poker player-to death in a Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, condominium last year.

Submitted by Thomas Somach on, Nov/24/2008

Casino Gambling in Atlanta? Not So Fast

With the US economy in a tailspin, what better time to bring casinos to Atlanta than now?

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Nov/24/2008

Bookies Get Bludgeoned For Week 12 Of The NFL

Following last Sunday's huge win on a bad call in the Pittsburgh/San Diego game, it appears the online bookies may have given it all back, at least with the Sunday afternoon games.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Nov/23/2008

Bible Society Paid $5 Mil to Man With Porn, Online Gambling Connections

When former President of the American Bible Society, Dr. Paul Irwin, hired Richard J.

Submitted by Alejandro Botticelli on, Nov/23/2008

BetonSports Founder Gary Kaplan Wife Responds to Accusations

BetonSports founder Gary Kaplan's wife, Holly, recently responded to an article appearing in the St.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Nov/23/2008

Ecstasy Kingpin Desire to Sell Drugs Fueled by Gambling Addiction

Justice Frances Kiteley has sentenced ecstasy kingpin Sean Erez to 8 years behind bars after trying to deal in 4.5 kilos of cocaine, for which he was shot in an attempted robbery at a posh Toronto

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Nov/22/2008

US Oil Heir Brandon Davis Cut Off For Boozing Gambling Ways

According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald this weekend, US oil heir Brandon Davis has been cut off from his family's millions, forcing him to lean on his wealthy mates.  The reason:  Submitted by Jordan Bach on, Nov/21/2008

Getting Around Online Gambling Prohibition? Lottery Site Explains

The website claims to a way of gambling online legally in the United States, even in the commonwealth of Kentucky, which in recent months has t

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/21/2008

Netherlands Banks Reject Call to Police Online Gambling Transactions

The Netherlands Bankers Association (NVB) this week rejected the idea that they would be able to police transactions used for the purpose of online gambling.  The NVB told Justice Minister Hirsch

Submitted by C Costigan on, Nov/21/2008

Clonie Gowen Full Tilt Poker Friction Was Seen Coming this week reported on how a 1 percent partner in online poker's second biggest room, Full Tilt, was suing that company and a number of its other partners, including a number of big

Submitted by C Costigan on, Nov/21/2008

UK Bookmakers Fear Tax Rise As Part Of New Budget

Taxes - perhaps the most profane 5 letter word in the English language.  At least some vulgar language can be shouted out during sex and have some satisfactory meaning.  Nobody hollers out "

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Nov/21/2008

Macau Not Hurting Just Yet

Macau's visitor arrivals rose 8 percent in October from a year earlier to 2.6 million, the Chinese territory's government said Friday.

The visitor growth rate has slowed in recent months as China has taken steps to curb the growth of Macau's gambling industry by tightening visa rules that, among other things, now limit to once every three months the times Guangdong residents can go to Macau. Total visitor numbers grew 2.1 percent in September and 8.5 percent in August.

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/21/2008

Atlantic City Casino Profits Plummet

ATLANTIC CITY - (Associated Press)  In yet another measure of how mightily Atlantic City's 11 casinos are struggling this year, gross operating profits at the gambling halls fell by nearly 23 perc

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/20/2008

HK man jailed after losing Chinese Internet bet: state media

BEIJING (AFP) - A Hong Kong man has been jailed for eight years in China for running the nation's biggest online gambling racket which hauled in more than 1.25 billion dollars in bets, according to

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/20/2008

Gambling Business Won’t be The Same for Years to Come

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Executives at top casino companies said Wednesday that the gambling business won't be the same for years to come, with operators and manufacturers shifting to focus on properties

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/19/2008

In The Last Recession, Online Gambling Did Not Exist

This recession will prove a test for the online gambling sector, which is already showing some signs of adverse affect though they are not getting hit nearly as hard as many other industries.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Nov/19/2008

Randy Couture Loses UFC 91, Wins With Full Tilt Poker

The world's second largest online poker room has joined forces with one of the world's greatest Mixed Martial Arts fighters, Randy Couture. 

Submitted by C Costigan on, Nov/19/2008

Gambling Not a Huge Problem on College Campuses: Drugs, Booze Is

Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel has some harsh words for Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan and his reaction to accusations that point guard

Submitted by C Costigan on, Nov/19/2008

NFL Nervous About Controversial Chargers Steelers Game?

Talk continued Wednesday about the controversial call during Sunday's San Diego Chargers vs.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Nov/19/2008

Quarterly Revenues Stagnant at PartyGaming: Still in Talks With US

PartyGaming is blaming gains in the U.S.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Nov/19/2008

Global Gaming Expo Kicks Off As Vegas Visitors Down 10 Percent

The Global Gaming Expo kicked off its eighth annual convention Tuesday morning at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/18/2008

Fox Sports: NFL Needs to Come to Terms With Gambling

Kevin Hooshangi is the owner of The Village Pourhouse, a neighborhood sports bar in New York City's East Village.

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/18/2008

Full Tilt Poker, Numerous Poker Players Being Sued

Gowen v. Tiltware LLC, et al.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Nov/18/2008

Paddy Power on Track to Record Operating Profits

Bookmaker Paddy Power has said it is on track to record operating profits of around €75m for this year, in line with its previous outlook.

Submitted by Guest on, Nov/18/2008

Boycott on Kentucky, Bourbon, Underwear Called Off For Now has given the green light to its readers to visit Kentucky, eat Papa John's Pizza and - more important of all - enjoy some good ‘ol Kentucky bourbon.

Submitted by Jagajeet Chiba on, Nov/17/2008

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Online Gambling Affiliate Union Propsed as Industry Grows More Volatile

Online Gambling Affiliate Union Proposed as Industry Grows More Volatile

The online gambling affiliate industry is currently in a state of flux.  It's survival for the fittest with the introduction of cryptocurrencies and regulatory oversights making their way into the sector. 

SBTech’s Tom Light to Establish New Blockchain and Gambling Venture

SBTech’s Tom Light to Establish New Blockchain and Gambling Venture

The Senior Vice-President of Business Development at sports betting solutions firm SBTech will be departing to begin his own blockchain and gambling venture. 

Caretaker at Shooting Club Charged With Stealing $400K for Gambling Addiction

The Former caretaker of a Slate Belt shooting club in Eastern Pennsylvanias is accused of stealing more than $400,000 from the organization in order to help fuel her gambling addiction.