How Can I Fund an Online Betting Account for the 2018 NFL Playoffs?

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You can fund an online betting account for this year's NFL Playoffs using any number of methods including credit card, cash and wire but the best and fastest method is via any number of cryptocurrencies.  It's easy to set up such an account and connect directly to your bank account.

How to Set Up a Cryptocurrency Account

The best way to set up a cryptocurrency account from North America and via the exchange Coinbase.  It operates similarly to PayPal but with a few exceptions.

You will have to verify your personal and banking information, with the whole process taking around three full business days to begin using for funding an online betting account.

When linking your banking information to Coinbase, they make two separate micro withdrawals (usually 10 cents or less), which you will then need to verify those amounts.  Also you will need to provide a picture ID.

Now you are set up and ready to begin depositing funds into your online wagering account.

Transfers are done using a special code via the Coinbase site.  The online gambling site will walk you through this process.

In order to receive funds, you will send the gambling site this custom code, they send you your funds, these appear within a few minutes (or under an hour) in your cryptocurrency wallet. 

Due to fluid cryptocurrency price fluctuations, we would recommend moving most of the money received from your cryptocurrency wallet right into your USD wallet, converting back into US dollars.  It is your USD wallet that is connected to your bank account.

You may want to consider a small percentage of funds remain in your cryptocurrency account as this money can grow as long as the price of said cryptocurrency continues to rise.  The trend as of this writing (January 6, 2018) is for most prices to rise.

Most online gambling sites offer experts to walk you through setting up a cryptocurrency account.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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