Racetracks May Soon Start To Offer Online Gambling In New Jersey

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For a long time, online gambling is only for a New Jersey Casino that has a license. Most players will access the site from wherever they are. But now a new law is set to change how things work. A new law that seeks to add online gambling centers is looming. Assemblyman Ralph Caputo says the state will get an increase in revenue. That means state horse track will now offer online gambling services. On Thursday, the state assembly agrees to pass it by 60-12. But for a racetrack to offer online gambling, there must be other things.

The bill proposes that the racetrack will need to reach an agreement with another online gambling site. If that happens, racetracks will not be in violation of online gambling laws. After the Thursday vote, racing officials are now praising the move. They say that will help the activity on their premises. This will not cause any harm to online casinos at Play Slots 4 Real Money.

Monmouth Park Chairman Dennis Drazin says that there is no harm. The new law aims at balancing activities in gambling facilities. “Casinos must realize that absolutely nothing will happen. A problem will occur when there is no agreement between a casino and track,” says Dennis Drazin.  Dennis says that this is a decision that all must make. “Nobody is forcing anything on them. This is a win-win for the racing industry and the casino industry,” he adds.

Many people who support the idea are optimistic. They believe that it is time for racetracks to create space. The room is to allow patrons play online games. With online gambling, punters can play games wherever they are. But there are those who want to use the big screens from the racetrack.

Caputo says that this will bring a lot of activity to racetracks. He says the need is desperate. Any financial agreements will need to be serious. It will follow an easy channel of the agreement.  In recent days, New Jersey sees many changes in the gambling sector. Some of these changes are effective. Others are yet to take effect.  Early last week, State Senator Ray Lesniak introduces a bill in the house. The aim is to discuss how the state will join hands with other states and foreign jurisdictions. 

The state wants to combine pools with those of other jurisdictions. If this last week law goes through, it will benefit poker players. There is also the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This case creates a lot of arguments before the Supreme Court on Monday.

Justices are not happy with the way different states are looking at the subject. The ruling of the case will come sometime in the next spring. It seems that the State of New Jersey is not stopping at anything. It wants to do everything possible to see its gambling sector grow. For this reason, many people are now happy. Various casino investors and players are happy. If things go this way, the New Jersey casino industry will grow fast.

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