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Fantasy sports attract millions of people every single year, and there is a new management system on the market that beats all competition hands-down. is the best tool for building fantasy sportsbooks and monitoring results. The new service offers all the same features as users get with rivals, but at a lower price. Also, provides cloud-based security, and so cybercriminals will never manage to spoil the fun. enables users to benefit from a three-step process when building their fantasy sportsbooks. People who choose this management system just need to:


  1. Build it

  2. Brand it

  3. Run it


Regardless of whether people choose teams with ten players or many more, this tool is loaded with features that will make the process fun, fast, and efficient. Here are just some of the leading features users can expect:


  • Cloud-based


As the management system is cloud-based, users can access it from any internet-ready device. They can also share their fantasy sportsbooks with friends at any time regardless of where they are in the world.


  • SSL security


With up to 256-bit encryption, this sportsbook service uses some of the same security measures employed by most banks in the US. So, there is never any need to worry about hacking or other cyber crimes.


  • Custom profiles enables users to create custom profiles and provide players with access to relevant information based on their permission settings and the type of account. Personalizing the entire process from start to finish is possible.


  • Real-time data


People using this service will benefit from real-time sports data that ensure they always have an in-depth grasp of their performance and results. The data feeds come from top industry leaders, and so the information is reliable and concise.


  • Reports and analytics


The fantasy sportsbook management system gives users the opportunity to run reports, track trends, and analyze data to monitor their team’s performance without leaving the comfort of their own space.


  • Agent system


The agent system is perfect for those who want to team up with others and split the risk while expanding their fantasy sportsbooks. Users can manage the process from a Master Agent account, and it’s possible to customize everything including the percentage to payout for each agent.


As works on any internet-ready device, users can enjoy the service from anywhere in the world. The site offers a responsive design that ensures it displays correctly on a plethora of different technologies. Whether people want to use laptops, tablets, or smartphones makes little difference. Those who create accounts can access their sportsbooks at any time that suits them.


The company currently offers three packages from which new users can make their selection. These include:


The starter package:


Cost: FREE

Number of player accounts: 5

Number of major sports leagues: 3

Live sports data: Yes


The silver package:


Cost: $69 per week

Number of player accounts: 10

Number of major sports leagues: 91

Live sports data: Yes

Other benefits:


  • In-play wagering

  • Line manager

  • Agent system

  • White label


The gold package:


Cost: $75 per week

Number of player accounts: 10

Number of major sports leagues: 91

Live sports data: Yes

Other benefits:


  • In-play wagering

  • Line manager

  • Agent system

  • White label

  • Tech concierge


Users who opt for the silver or gold packages can tailor the design of their fantasy sportsbooks in a matter of minutes. Creating a professional page and domain for players to access is straightforward, and it helps to give the sportsbook a unique edge. Those who select the starter package just need to upgrade when they become familiar with the system and want to take things to the next level. The free account is perfect for those who haven’t engaged with fantasy sportsbooks before as there is no financial commitment.


There are currently no less than 19829 contest odds and line available that cover 91 sports leagues 24 hours a day. That means anyone can monitor their progress or edit payouts around the clock regardless of the time. That’s ideal for those with agents in other countries or those in different time zones. As all the data comes in in real-time, users can respond instantly and ensure they never act on inaccurate information.


The company is going from strength to strength at the moment, and welcomes hundreds of new account holders every single day. It is fast becoming one of the fastest growing fantasy bookie software in the world, and that’s partly due to the simplicity of the service. It only takes a few minutes to open an account and start the ball rolling, and new users can begin launching their teams almost instantaneously.


Compared to other fantasy sports management system on the market today, is sleek, reliable, and convenient. That helps to explain why so many enthusiasts choose to jump ship and adopt this tool every week. The fact that people can open a free starter account to test the service before they spend any hard-earned cash is fantastic news for those who worry about making the wrong decisions. offers far more control over fantasy sportsbooks than its competitors, and the team is 100% confident that all starter account users will upgrade once they get a feel for the system.


Anyone who wants to learn more about and the fantasy sports management system the site provides just needs to click the link at the bottom of this page. Head over to the website and take a look around to discover the ins and outs of this incredible technological advancement. According to CNN, some 56 million people play fantasy sports each year in North America alone. That figure is set to increase during the next twelve months, and so now is the best time to identify and become familiar with the most robust and reliable management system available today. Do not make the mistake of selecting an inferior solution!

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