2016 Olympic Betting: Games & Odds for Final Games

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2016 Olympic betting has been hotter than ever in Rio this year.

It all comes to a close on August 21st, but there are still three huge opportunities for online bookies to turn a profit:

  1. August 20th: Men’s Soccer Gold Medal Match
  2. August 20th: Women’s Basketball Gold Medal Game
  3. August 21st: Men’s Basketball Gold Medal Game

Keep reading for the full recap on odds and predictions for these three games so you can manage your book profitably.

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Men’s Soccer Gold Medal Match, Aug. 20th

As of August 16th, the Brazilians are at -175 to win the gold medal.

Brazil has Neymar while the other teams do not. Neymar is one of the top strikers in the world. He and his fellow Brazilian teammates have really gelled during this tournament.

Pay per head bookies need to pay attention to Brazil at -175. Most wagers in their books are going to be on the home team to grab the gold medal.

Two teams that have impressed are Nigeria and Germany.

Nigeria is at +550 while Germany is at +200. One of those teams figures to take on Brazil in the championship on August 20th. Both should garner plenty of attention from players interested in 2016 Olympic betting.

Women’s Basketball Gold Medal Game, Aug. 20th

The USA Women’s Basketball Team should be a heavy favorite come August 20th.

As opposed to the Men’s Tournament, some players might actually put money on the USA Women’s Basketball Team to win.

Why?  The truth, and the USA Men’s Basketball Team may not want to hear this, is that the women’s squad has a better chance of winning gold than the men’s squad.

The women’s team have been ultra-dominant while the men’s team has shown signs of wear and tear. The USA Women’s Basketball Team opened as a -1200 favorite to win gold.

Since Australia, the 6 to 1 second choice, has been knocked out of the tournament, online bookies should expect the odds on the women’s team to approach if not go lower than -2000.

Men’s Basketball Gold Medal Game, Aug. 21st

USA is at -2000 to win the gold medal at the final event for 2016 Olympic betting.

It’s doubtful that anyone bets on USA to win at those odds. Online bookies probably won’t have to worry about taking a hit on USA at -2000 as long as they have max betting limits associated with the wager.

What are the chances of the USA losing the gold medal game?  Probably lower than -2000. Odds of -3000 are more like it.

Spain could get some love at +1600 if they’re lucky enough to make it to the semifinals, and then the finals. The Spanish have enough pro players on their team to hang with the United States for a half. Then the U.S.’s excellent play will take over.

Pay per head agents should make sure betting limits are in place. Not even offering wagering on USA while raising the odds on all of the other teams left might be a prudent move.

With the last three events of the Olympics, it’s your last 3 chances as an online bookie to fatten your wallet, compliments of Rio.  Start promoting these three games to your players and grab the tail-end of the 2016 Olympic betting profits.

If you’re over Rio and can’t think of anything but the looming football season, that’s okay too.

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